co-sign with me, win-win for your mind and my credit.

Mirrors covered in star looking white spots.
Brush your teeth vigorously kid.
Doesn’t matter, The city dictates your teeth are not perfectly straight, and you’re fucked there, whiten later.

They like a tan, but you look red, mishaps have set your course on walking through the rays of a sun that’s constantly burning you. Hard labor can forget itself in your apparently red neck, even though you never perform it.

sugary plastics person-like creatures and their land has not been good to you as of late. There are many other places that offer the same pulls as this place but, well, it’s just
categorical about its looks, and somehow you have found yourself with a love/hate for double edged sword that is being categorial about looks. What will you do? preferably enjoy yourself.

theres a typical “Angeleno” in the form of a sales girl, at a dealership or wherever this corporate yes woman of a human being encounters you ; she tells you your credit is off by twenty points, this may seem discouraging but leave remembering, her mind is off by many more.

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