Cog in the Wheel, Chip on the Shoulder

This is a guide, not one that I’m following necessarily but one that I may have to start acting and thinking in the vein of in order to better adjust to the forces in charge. While attempting to keep my individuality and soul.

Step one, Accept.

Accept that there are assessment tests in some of these online applications that ask you the same questions over and over, worded differently in hopes of tripping you up. Agree, Disagree, Strongly Agree, Completely Disagree, Neutral and so on and so forth.

A company should stick to tired and proven marketing practices. Strongly Disagree, if anything you’re company could benefit from trying a lot of new things, I notice them, but that’s because I know propoganda, and you guys are doing a piss poor job of it. I can help, but I’m applying for the cashier position so stating that I strongly disagree makes me sound like an anarchist trying to infiltrate the company from the bottom and moving up, only to cause chaos in marketing practices that may affect your ever so lightly changing stock price. Don’t rock the boat. However neutral is not the answer for any of these question either, I figure neutral is like an I decline to answer but because I am scared what you may think of my TRUE ideas.

So the whole thing is nuts, it’s some kind of a personality test that was probably sold to this company and dozens of others for a crap ton of money and is supposed to determine something. Though I am unsure what, except for the fact that human beings think and analyze things differently and no test will ever get you the ideal employees. But rather the ones that are particularly craft at smoking weed in your backroom. But that’s been the case all along, you might as well just interview everybody and see who looks less like someone that would do such a thing, rather than relying on this “assessment test” which frankly assesses very little.

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