Sort out the Whit

I stumbled onto a random bootleg recording of a round-table that involved questions with some of the Plan B Marketing Team. I must say, from a marketing perspective, they know how to keep their message concise. Plan B; Because why even bother with whatever Plan A is. I remember the last time I had to buy Plan B. Afterwards as a sort of token of appreciation and like for my company (the second I can only suppose) I was invited and treated to some place with Sunday bottomless Mimosas. The nice thing about bottomless Mimosas is they instantly erase the smug Rite-Aid clerks from your mind. It was my return to Whittier for the first time since I left a four year relationship. I had never been in the entire city before I had known that relationship, nor after I ended it. Entering the city via familiar freeways made it blatant in my mind that she and the city were inexplicably linked, even if I was just trying to get rocks in a cup and my own metaphorical rocks off with a totally different girl that just happened to live there. Some guy some where once said; you never die more than 5 miles from where you were born. But that is bullshit, it’s far too simplistic. The more interesting phenomenon is how merely entering a city can produce a gloom cloud over the mind because it is associated with a past love.

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