Lemons, Old People and Purified Water

Isn’t it ironic Ommwriter? I removed you from my dock because I hadn’t used you in a long while and also because you’re a distraction free editor and I would accidentally click you and you would just take over the whole place. And now I need you. Well I went all in this time, got out my big ol Sennheisner ear muffs and everything.

Let us take a look at these lemons, swimming around in my water. They have been so for about 3 days now. The water is purified, the lemons have changed taste only ever so slightly. Normally, when this situation is ongoing with spring water the lemons taste will change quicker to something that doesn’t resemble the lemon taste at all. We are talking about a cup of water here. Not like in a frdige or anything. So anyway, here we have this lemon that’s swimming in varying amounts of water, but never left without water to swim in. And in purified water, it keeps it’s taste longer than in spring water. Is this because the tiny molecules and microbes in spring water are eating that motherfucker alive the whole time. I don’t know. Further, if you put this lemon outside of water it will die much quicker. The lemons life is extended in essence because it is always floating around in water, and it’s most extended when it’s in purified water. So, can we dip our pruny old people into purified water for insane amounts of time and hope that they come out all young looking and shit, we are made of like 90 percent water right, maybe we just need to add it back to spots that don’t get it when you drink the stuff. This would be a great medicare program, you take an old person, you dip em in purified water, or just have them sit there for like a long time. So they can breathe of course, you see these in your spam box all the time, walk-in hot tub and shit.

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